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This website was created for a class project at Florida Atlantic University. The class was Urban and Regional Theory, taught by Dr. David Prosperi in Fall 2013.

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La Ciudad de los Palacios (City of Palaces)


The above photos are a tiny sample of the faces in Mexico City, taken on a trip there in October, 2012. The city itself, the Federal District, hosts a large population of 8,864,000, while the metropolitan area held 20,116,842 in 2010. While the Mexican Census does not publish detailed data on race or ethnicity at the city level, the vast majority of Mexico City’s population are mestizos, mixed European and...

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  • Site

    View Larger Map Some cities were built in the mountains to provide defense against invasion. Some cities were built on rivers are on the coast to provide good trade with water. Other cities were founded at crossroads to direct trade....

    On : November 20th, 2013
  • History

    From prophecy to practice, Mexico City has a history of careful planning, mixed with some grievous mistakes. Together, they make up what it is today. One of the main challenges came with the size of the island. By 1519, when...

    On : October 31st, 2013
Category:Urban Design

Many of the streets in Mexico City are wide and designed to accommodate high volumes of traffic. At the same time, some of the public spaces are well-designed and functional. The Zocalo, the public square in the historic center, is a large open space enclosed by buildings that served government functions in the Spanish colonial era. As seen in the photo to the right, these ancient buildings provide a sense of...

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  Mexico City is often considered the gateway to Latin America, and serves a prominent role as a global city. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) connectivity visualization above, developed by Derudder and Taylor, helps understand where Mexico City fits into the global hierarchy based on connectivity with other cities. The GaWC classified Mexico City as an Alpha city in 2010, the third tier below Alpha++ and Alpha+. Its peers...

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Category:Metropolitan Area

Mexico City suffers from severe traffic congestion as well as poor air quality from smog. It’s location in the Valley of Mexico, which is actually the crater of an extinct volcano, compounds this problem. It is 7,350 feet above sea level with lower oxygen levels, resulting in poorer quality fuel combustion and more creation of carbon monoxide. The UN considered Mexico City as the worst for air pollution in 1992,...

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  • Population Density

    Mexico City has a very high population density, averaging 15,000 people per square mile. The interactive map below shows population density as well as several other demographic features for each Basic Statistical Geographical Area (AGEB, Mexico’s equivalent to the US...

    On : December 4th, 2013
  • Bus Rapid Transit

    Mexico has had a subway system for many years, but it is overcrowded and the fares have been fixed at a very low rate. If you visit as a tourist, the subway system is known for its pickpockets. Building on...

    On : November 21st, 2013
  • Employment Centers

    Many modern cities are trending away from having one central business district into having multiple centers. Fernandez-Maldonado and her coauthors discovered that Mexico City, while showing some spread of employment into new centers, is still heavily dominated by one large...

    On : November 21st, 2013
  • Walk 21: Bike Sharing in Mexico City

    I had the opportunity to use Ecobici while in Mexico City for the Walk 21 conference. The system of over 1,000 bicycles has a waiting list for membership and no options for short term memberships, so it caters primarily to...

    On : October 31st, 2013